Valu-Line Roller Shades

Superior Quality at an Economical Price

Irvine Shade & Door’s Valu-Line of roller shades has been a staple in the RV industry for years. With its luxurious quality and its cost-effective pricing, Valu shades are a perfect fit for any recreational vehicle. Valu-Line roller shades are manufactured in the USA to ensure the best quality possible.

Irvine Shade & Door created the Valu roller shades to offer a compact space-saving design. This design gives off a sleek and elegant look that customers have been raving about for years. The design of the Valu-Line roller shade includes an auto-stop upper limit feature that is also found on the Slow-RiseTMĀ roller shades. Valu shades offer an ultra-smooth operation due to the Irvine Shade & Door hydraulic speed reduction system.

Three Configurations - One Great Design!

Valu Nite Shade:

A high-quality, economical version of our revolutionary roller shade.

Valu Day Nite Shade:

Features embossed supported 3-ply opaque vinyl nite material and a daytime screen material. It’s two shades in one!

VSV2 Valance Shade:

Irvine Shade & Door’s Valu Shade with a finishing touch — an aluminum valance to provide a completed, stand-alone look.

Five Different Mounting Brackets For Your Unique Valu-Line Window Applications

Color Selections